You Make Your Own Destiny 

Here I am at 2 am.. just now finished working. And as I lay here telling myself I need to go to bed because I have work early tomorrow I think to myself how much this will all be worth it. I took on a side business (younique) knowing I work crazy weird hours at the Stanley. Knowing that I have two cats, a dog, and a turtle to take care of. Knowing I want to start school in the fall. Knowing that I want to help my parents out at their shop in Estes Park. And even despite being crazy busy all the time already I decided to pick up another responsibility of selling makeup. 
Why? Because I want to earn money for myself. I want to work hard and watch it all pay off. Sitting around and waiting for something magical to happen and waiting for my life to take off is silly!! You can’t expect your life to just all of a sudden be grand and wonderful. You have to put in the work. And the amount of work you put in depends on how your life will be. So I will continue to work my butt off to earn money. I will take the hate from my friends telling me I’m too busy for them and telling me I need to relax and live a little more and enjoy being 21 a little more. Because I know I’m building my destiny. I am building a life for myself, by myself. I refuse to take the easy road and just pray that I’ll get a job that pays well and leaves me time to have a social life. I will work until I’m able to relax and be able to know that I can because I have built a life for myself. I will continue on that work grind every single day. And one day? My bank account will look great. And I will feel great because I know how hard I worked to get to where I need to be. And that is the most important part to me… 

Now time for me to actually get some rest so I can start all over tomorrow! Goodnight world. If at the end of the day at least one person is inspired by this. I will be satisfied. Because all it takes is a little push to get you started and a lot of determination to continue on this path. One person inspired me and now I will continue to try and inspire others the same way. Believe in yourself and you can make anything happen.